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wed. march 24, 2010   |  

One of my FAVORITE things about working with SHOOTSAC™ is the fun photos we show up in from so many different photographers! Amelia Lyon has been one of those photographers who has gotten so AMAZING in the past few years--she's just blown up! She is very original, super talented, and such a blast to be around--its no surprise that her clients love her and photographers want to learn from her.

Lucky for us, she runs LYON SHOPS several times a year and they always fill up in a matter of hours. Here is a shot we snagged from her blog, a nice moment from her most recent one where she demonstrates her technique:


Amelia, we LOVE you!

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fri. march 19, 2010   |  

I can say without a moment of hesitation that this was our best WPPI to date! We had NO idea how many people would be there, and in particular, how many of you would come by, see us, and share your stories with us!

I want to give a special thanks to our superstar VOLUNTEER FLOCK, who came with seriously amazing energy and worked their butts off! There's no way we could do a tradeshow like this without you.

Lots of you stopped by to take pictures, and we really want to see them! We'd love for you to upload them onto our SHOOTSAC FAN PAGE, and the more, the better! That's our home base for interacting with you, how we can see who is using our bags, and the great times you had in Vegas!

On another note, those of you who came and checked out our new Tote & Shoot had such fantastic things to say--we can't wait for them to go on sale either!

In any case, we just wanted to sincerely tell you that YOU are the reason that we work hard, so thank you for your support!!

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fri. march 12, 2010   |  

As you might know, we have run out of stock on the SHOOTSAC™ Lens Bag on our site--ya'll went crazy for our latest sale! Luckily, our partner ADORAMA CAMERA has graciously extended the sale until Sunday the 14th, including FREE SHIPPING! That includes:

-$150 tradeshow price on the SHOOTSAC™ Lens Bag
-$85 tradeshow price on the HIPSLIP™ Laptop Bag
-$179 kit price on the SHOOTSAC™ + Cover
-$99 kit price on the HIPSLIP™ + Cover

So if you want to buy, head over there right now, just CLICK HERE!!!

Thanks Adorama, we love you!

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mon. march 8, 2010   |  

For those of you who are asking, your Tote & Shoot WILL be able to be carried messenger style/cross body! And YES, you will be able to use your covers on it! See:


Also, for those of you NOT in Vegas, we have a HUGE THREE DAY ONLY sale going on for YOU! Head on over to the SHOOTSAC WEBSITE for the biggest sale of the year on Shootsac™ Lens Bags and the Hipslip™ Laptop Bag!!

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fri. march 5, 2010   |  

As a woman there are basically 3 announcements that you look forward to making one day. You sort of dream about the surprise, the smiles and the great feelings that will surround those moments in your life.

The first one is the announcement: “Iʼm ENGAGED!” which for me was totally awesome. Thanks Jeff!

The 2nd one is: “I”m PREGNANT” -- which Iʼm not -- donʼt worry Mom, Iʼll call you first :)

And the 3rd is: SHOOTSAC HAS A NEW BAG ... and YES! YES! YES! it will hold your camera with lens attached!


The New Tote & Shoot by Shootsac™ is the first ever side-loading tote that is perfect for both your DSLR and YOUR on-the-go lifestyle. It is also the perfect companion for your Shootsac™ Lens bag for location shoots, travel or E Sessions.

(for all those who are asking, YES, IT ALSO HAS A STRAP TO CARRY IT CROSS-BODY/MESSENGER STYLE! and yes, you can use your covers with it)

Imagine having a DSLR camera with lens attached - at your fingertips for ALL of life's big and little photo adventures. Designed to help you easily retrieve your camera for that perfect shot, then stow it again safely when you happen upon that perfect Shoppe!

Owning a fancy camera just got a whole lot more fun.

Carrying a fancy camera just a whole lot easier!

The Tote & Shoot is a TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT in a BAG for DSLR shooters. Brought to you by the same team who brought you the Shootsac lens bag. We always focus on SHOOTING FIRST and the FUNCTIONALITY that that requires, because really -- WHY else would you carry a camera?


Come see the live demo and try it for yourself at the Shootsac booth in Las Vegas! Not going to be in VEGAS?

click here to get on our FIRST TO KNOW list: I want to know FIRST!!!

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thu. march 4, 2010   |  

As a professional shooter, going on vacation is always sort of a conundrum for me.

No WAY am I lugging my rolling bag through an airport unless I'm actually working. But on the other hand, how do you go to an amazing new place and NOT take a good camera and a few lenses?

As I mentioned yesterday--the art of transporting gear with a traditional camera bag is no big deal. There are literally thousands of them to choose from. But what about when you're spending a day in town shooting, shopping and eating? What about a trip to Disneyland or a trip to the park with your kids? What's the perfect bag for an adventure like that?

Walking through the aisles of the GRAND BAZAAR in Istanbul I was pretty glad that my SHOOTSAC™ didn't scream "CAMERA GEAR HERE, COME GET IT!". I loved that it was low profile, sort of incognito, and comfortable. Shooting with my 50 1.2 or 35 1.4 didn't look too intimidating or obvious, so I was able to get some great shots on that trip:

BUT, I have to admit, when the shooting was over and it was time to switch to EATING...I wanted to be able to PUT MY CAMERA AWAY!

Here we go again..."Can I put my camera in it?"

But the more I thought about wasn't really JUST my camera I wanted to tote around.

I wanted a bag to put my sweatshirt, tour book, purse stuff, AND gear in! I wanted a bag to hold the goodies I was eyeing. And I wanted it NOT to scream TOURIST HERE!! or to be stiff and rigid like a Camera Bag.

In short, I did not want to look like this:

Did such a non-obvious but smart photo bag even exist? I was literally searching the very corners of the world!


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wed. march 3, 2010   |  

I'll give you one guess at the #1 question we get here at SHOOTSAC™ Headquarters when we introduce our amazing lens bag to someone new...

"This is great, can I put my camera in it?"


For the past three years we have dutifully answered, "The SHOOTSAC™ Lens Bag is designed to hold your lenses WHILE you shoot. You can use any camera bag you want to store and transport your gear, and then you use your SHOOTSAC™ as a lens bag while you work"

And for the most part, even though you seem a bit disappointed, we know you get it. A lens bag is a completely different animal than a camera bag.


We have to admit, you certainly did get US thinking...

(photo by the inimitable BECKER)

What is with the shape of most camera bags anyway? Doesn't it seem like it would be better to call them camera lockers or camera vaults? Why are they sort of universally boxy, ugly, and uncomfortable to carry? And is it just me, or do most of them actually make it TOUGH to shoot--the very thing they are supposed to help?!

I may be taking a leap here, but I have to assume that ya'll are a lot like me...when I carry my camera around, I intend to SHOOT with it! Otherwise, it's sort of like dragging a bowling ball around just for giggles.

So why then do so called "camera bags" seem to make the most OBVIOUS stuff nearly impossible to do?!

(if so, check back tomorrow for part 2 of our series "On the Anatomy of a Camera Bag", and see how things REALLY get interesting when a pro shooter goes on vacation...)

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mon. march 1, 2010   |  

March, let's be honest--you're a little unpredictable. Will there be a blizzard? Will it rain all month? Will it be sunny and 75 with low humiditiy? Nobody knows! Somehow, you always manage to surprise us!

So you March Babies--this month, in honor of your birthday, do something that will SURPRISE your friends and family! And have a wonderful month!

Got a birthday and want an extra gift? then just click**RIGHT HERE ON THIS LINKY LINK** so we can send you one on YOUR birthday!
abi, adrian, aimee, alexi, alice, allison, amanda, amber, amy, analiese, andrea, andrew, angel, angela, ann, anna, anne, annie, arnica, ashley, asther, barbara, becca, becky, betsy, bobbie, brandi, bree, briliana, camden, cameron, cami, carline, carol, caroline, carrie, catherine, caylee, cecilia, charlene, cherry, cheryl, chris, christa, christie, christine, cindy, colin, connie, courtney, cynthia, damian, dana, danielle, danny, darren, dawn, deanna, debbie, dee, dena, diana, donna, donni, echo, elaine, elizabeth, emilee, emily, emma, erika, erin, erinne, frances, gabriela, gene, goldie, gordon, gretchen, gwen, haley, hanaumi, heather, heidi, heidi jo, hilary, holly, irene, jamie, jan, janelle, janet, ianine, jason, jeff, jen, jeni, jenna, jennie, jennifer, jenny, jensey, jeremy, jess, jesse, jessica, jill, joan, joann, jordan, jordana, iuanita, jules, julia, juliana, julie, kacy, kaelyn, kaosong, kara, karen, karri, karyn, katelyn, kathryn, katy, kay, kaycee, kayla, kayeigh, keysha, kelli, kelly, kendra, kerri, kiki, kim, kimber, kirsten, krista, kristin, kristyn, krystal, kylene, lance, larissa, laura, lauren, lee ann, leena, leslie, lezlie, lin, linda, lindsay, lindsey, lisa, lisa marie, lorie, lorrie, lren, lucy, lyn, madeline, makia, mandy, mannette, manon, marc, marianne, monaghan, maribeth, marilyn, mario, mark, matt, maya, mckeen, megan, melissa, michelle, millie, mindy, miranda, nabila, nancy, nannette, natalie, nathaniel, nicole, nikki, pamela, patty, paula, peggy, peter, petr, philip, phillipa, rachel, ramiro, randy, raquel, raya, rebecca, rebekah, rich, robin, ron, rudy, ruth, sadie, sam, samantha, sarah, season, shana, shannon, shaun, shawna, sherry, shikha, sofia, sommar, sonya, soo guan, stacey, stacie, steffanie, stephanie, sue, sue-lyn, sumi, tara ann, taylor, teresa, terra, thea, theresa, tiffany, toki, tonya, tracy, trisha, valeen, valerie, vanessa, veigh, vesna, victoria, virginia, zoe
Fun Facts:

-20 of you are born on March 8th!
-6 of you are named Kelli (with that spelling)!
-There are duplicates of almost every name this month, but as always, i only post each name once


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