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tue. august 31, 2010   |  

As a photographer, I realized the other day how seldom I'm actually photographed myself! Oh, there are pictures of me for deliberate reasons--new website, wedding, things like that, but in day to day life, I barely exist in photos.

A few weeks ago, I shot a party for online wedding magazine Utterly Engaged and awesome photographer KrisD snagged a few shots of me--I was so excited! Well, as excited as I can be with my hair all curly like that (insert childhood nightmare here).

I am sporting a cover no longer in production, which I LOVE! One of the most fun things about Shootsac is our limited runs of covers. We often do not reorder covers when we run out, so there are lots of opportunities to snag one and make it YOURS! It just means you need to be quick on the trigger when covers are released. If you GET ON OUR MAILING LIST you'll always be first to know when a new cover comes out.

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fri. august 27, 2010   |  

First, a note: IT IS FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY!! If you follow our TWITTER you already know, but I'm reminding you one more time here to check out our twitter for the free shipping code!

Now onto the real post:

Since Shootsac has been in existence, one of our biggest supporters is the lovely Jasmine Star. As we've grown, she has also grown, turning into one of the industry's biggest STARS! Today, we want to wish her luck shooting a LIVE WEDDIng on Creative Live.

Shooting weddings is a LOT of pressure, and I think we can all agree that we feel that pressure on any normal wedding day. Add to that shooting live with thousands of people watching, and the pressure must be through the roof.

Let's all give Jasmine our good thoughts, prayers, and kind words today, and of course, watch along with her at Creative Live!

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tue. august 10, 2010   |  

Don't you just love outlet sales? The chance to get the SAME EXACT THING that's on the racks at your favorite stores, but at a fraction of the price? I don't know anyone who doesn't love that, and our team here at Shootsac certainly can't pass up a sale!

So, we've created for you (drumroll please).. The Shootsac Outlet!

We've got limited stock of covers that we're closing out, as well as a few here and there that were never released! They go quickly and when they're gone, they're gone, so you'd better buy FAST!

ALSO--for three days *until THuRSDAY*, we've got your favorite lens bag on sale for only $150!!! That's a killer saving of $29! Just click the little banner below, and we'll see ya at the outlet!

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mon. august 2, 2010   |  

You hot sweltering month, you! Well, at least you make pretty babies :) Oh August, I have a love/hate relationship with you. You're still summer yet you mean summer is ending. You're a busy month, something new around every corner, but no major holidays--what's up with that!

In any case, I wish a great big cupcake to each and every one of you August babies this month:


aaron, abegail, adam, adri, ahmad, ai ling, albert, alice, alicia, alison, alissa, allison, aly, amanda, ambar, amber, amee, amna, amy, ana, andre, andrea, anel, angela, angie, anne, annie, annika, ashley, athena, becca, becky, benjamin, beth, bethany, bill, bobbie, brandi, brandy, bree, brett, brian, brianna, brigid, brigit, brittani, brittany, brooke, bryan, caitlin, cami, carley, caroline, carolyn, carrie, carter, catherine, cathy, celeste, chad, chantal, chris, christi, christina, christine, christopher, christy, claire, colleen, colten, corey, cori, corie, cory, courtney, coz, curtis, daisy, dan, dana, daniel, daniela, danielle, danya, darlene, david, dawn, deanna, debbie, deborah, debra, dee, deena, delores, derrick, devon, diana, dina, djayawarman, dolores, donna, dustin, eden, edward, elizabeth, emilie, emily, erika, erin, erinn, eryn, eva, faz, gabriel, gabrielle, gardocka, garrick, gary, ginny, gracci, haley, heather, heidi, henry, hilary, hillary, holly, hope, jacie, jackie, jade, james, jamie, jana, jane, janet, janett, jasmin, jasmine, jason, jean, jeff, jen, jeneanne, jenna, jenni, jennifer, jenny, jeremy, jessica, jill, joan, joanna, joe, joel, joelle, johanna, jonas, jonathan, josie, judy, julie, justin, justina, kaila, karen, karina, karla, karolina, karye, kate, kathie, kathleen, katie, katrina, keary, kelly, kerri, kim, kimberly, kisha, kristen, kristi, kristie, kristin, kristine, kyla, lacey, lacy, lamishia, lara, larae, laura, laurel, lauren, laurie, leah, leeyen, leigh, leonardo, lesley, lexi, liesbeth, linda, lindsey, lisa, lorissa, lou ann, lucy, lydia, lynette, lynn, magan, maggie, mai, malgorzata, mallory, mandie, mandy, marcia, margaret, mariah, maricel, marisa, mark, marlene, marsha, martha, marvett, mary, matt, meaghan, megan, melanie, melinda, melissa, meredith, michael, michelle, mikey, miranda, missy, misti, misty, molly, mylinh, nadja, nancy, naomi, natalie, nicole, nielen, nora, oubon, pamela, patricial, paul, paula, peni, penny, peter, phillip, pinky, rachel, ramona, rayshcelle, raymond, rebecca, rebekah, regina, renee, rhonda, ricky, rizza, rob, roberta, robin, robinson, rochelle, rose, ruel, ruth, ryan, sabrina, samantha, sandie, sandra, sara, sarah, sasha, shannon, shari, sharon, shaun, shelby, shipra, stacy, stephanie, stephen, susan, susie, sylwia, tamara, tambra, tami, tanarak, tara, taryn, teresa, thresha, tiffani, tiffany, tina, toni, tonnette, tracee, tracey, tracie, tracy, trang, tricia, trish, twyla, valeria, valeire, vanessa, vera, veronique, vicki, victoria, virginia, wesley, xylia, yana, zaidan, zeena, zoe

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